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Brushes Tips from Pro Makeup Artists


Brushes Tips from Pro Makeup Artists

We all have a friend who has more makeup brushes than shoes. It’s always fun to create weird decorations that you find fascinating, but if you’re wondering about these five brushes that are somewhat needed, you’re in the right place.

We called some friends of famous makeup artists to see which vegan brushes with animal-free belts were their favorite. We even managed to throw some brushes at them.

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Brush Hacks from the Pros

The Best Way to Use a Concealer

To apply the cream evenly, I like to use a smooth, dense brush with medium to short brushes, like a foundation brush. Then I use a damp sponge to apply a light wet mixture to cover evenly for a smooth finish.

How to Apply Mineral Powder Foundation

A flat brush with long bristles like a Handi brush is best for pressed mineral foundation powder. Remove excess and gently move straight lines down the face, building as needed. Avoid inserting minerals into the skin, which can cause the finish to look muddy!

How to Blend Liquid Foundation

The brush I use the most for liquid minerals is the Kabuki brush. It mixes hard. Once you have the coverage you want, I wipe off the excess foundation left on the brush and use it to circle [mix the skin].” motions to create a flawless result.

Get the perfect pink glow

For a natural glow with roses that seems to come from the inside, I like to use InTouch cream blush. Using a cube brush, slide the end of the brush back and forth over the cream product. Apply in a circular motion over the apples of your cheeks “The ribs of a Dome Brush are perfect for creating a diffused look, doing all the mixing work for you.

The right brush for graphic eyeliner

I’ve been asked a lot of graphic lines by my clients lately, and an Angle Liner / Brow brush is perfect for getting that 45-degree, pointed-wing angle. Not to mention, I can also bend it like an eyebrow.

The best brushes for a natural contour

There’s less to a smooth contour. Always start by applying a small number of dark shadows, such as a blending/contour brush, with an angled brush and mix well. Then use a Fan Brush to spread your accent shade to a softer color., Shiny cheeks.

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The brushes are very cool! Big brushes are very soft, there are Eyebrow brushes 2, shadow brushes 2, blush, contour, tones, powders and others.

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